Archery Outlaws Corporate & Team Building

OUTLAW: a person who refuses to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group; rebel; nonconformist:

The best learning comes from outside of your comfort zone. By breaking the rules & putting yourself to the test.
Time to dust down your spurs, saddle up and hitch a ride to the Wild West with Archery Outlaws!

A brand new revolutionary concept in team building that combines an amazing journey through history in the lawless Wild West with the exiting new sport of soft play combat archery tag!

This is a game were period accuracy is conveniently set aside with Guns being replaced by Bow & Foam Tipped Arrows!
Using actual historical events that drive our team building missions (Excluding foam tipped arrows. Doesn’t sound very Wild West does it? Get over it PUNK!) we can really spark the imagination of the team and tap into the OUTLAW within.

Your employees will be transported into a completely different world. Split into gangs with their very own characters such as Buffalo Bill, Jesse James & Calamity Jane then put into ‘’GANGS” such as The Wild Bunch Gang, The Innocents & The Queen Bandits (Character & Gang names can be customized to add an extra personal touch!)

Working in Gangs inspires comrade & friendships that will follow them back to the work place.

Lawmen Vs Outlaws……Cowboys Vs Indians!


They will then be going into a series of dramatic soft-play bow shoot outs on special team building missions such as:

  • Defending the Lawless Tombstone Mining Camps when they come under attack from the ruthless Apache Indians
  • Bow Fight at the OK Corral – Recreating the most famous Old West gunfight in a stand-off between ‘’The Earp Brothers & The Cowboys”
  • The Frisco Shoot Out – One gang will be trying to uphold the law and keep ‘’The Cowboys” from breaking out one of their gang from the jailhouse in an exciting soft bow shoot-out!


This all sounds fun & exciting but how is this going to help my team you may ask?

There are so many bogus ‘’team building” activities out there or should I say ‘’team breaking” activities!
Often, they will include violating personal space, humiliation, giving up privacy or losing a portion of your dignity which inevitably ends in the mother of all team breaking exercises the dreaded trust fall!

The only team breaking at Archery Outlaws is breaking one of your gang out the Jailhouse in a co-ordinated, planned assault. Working on this common goal together, forcing you to problem solve & find your strengths. Turning a group of individuals into a TEAM or GANG in this case!

We believe this to the be parallel between the activity and the workplace. New skills & a fresh perspective that can be transferred back into the workplace.

For those of you lucky to get out of the battles alive we will then be going down ‘’Tin Can Alley” for a sharpshooting competition. Put your marksmanship to the test with your gang of Bow-Slingers to see who can grab the ‘’Wild Bill Sharpshooter” prize. A Trophy & Bottle of Liverpool’s finest Tarantula Juice! (A bottle of bubbly bought from a Liverpool Off Licence)

There isn’t an activity at Archery Outlaws that automatically leads to the most physically fit doing better.
Archery Outlaws is open to all! – Archery Tag can be done by able bodied and disabled people, big people, small people, girls, boys, Nan, Grandad, comprende?

Archery Tag is a low impact sport. The benefits from archery include improving mental capacity, physical health and general fitness. Archery Tag can also improve patience and focus and can give the student a strong sense of personal achievement.

Archery Tag improves self-confidence – Archery provides great satisfaction in combining both mental and physical attributes to good effect. Whatever the results at the target, every archer is able to draw satisfaction to a lesser or greater extent, from having won a personal mental battle.

Combine Archery Softplays amazing benefits with our Wild West themed team missions and problem solving tasks and your on a sure fire winner!

Ultimately your team will be going away having had an insanely fun and positive shared experience that can only have strengthened relationships, improved communication & boosted team morale. By tapping into the ARCHERY OUTLAWS mindset, they would have been exposed to new problem solving ideas, situations & a new found love of westerns.

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