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A child’s birthday party is a big deal. It’s a day for them and their friends to get together, celebrate and exert some pent-up energy! It’s a day that needs to be memorable, safe, interactive, but most importantly it needs to be fun for the children.

You can get all of that and more by bringing the party along to Archery Outlaws!

Unleash your kid’s imagination on the Wild West themed Archery Outlaws phenomenal new concept in friendly combat sports Archery & Arrow Tag!

A mixture of archery, paintballing and dodgeball. This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate family-friendly experience that engages everyone!

Sounds great, right?..

Well how about if I told you that our games use actual historical events to drive our parties? The characters and places we use can then spark a child’s interest & imagination transporting them into a whole new world!

They may even find an interest in discovering more about the culture they’re immersed in after their party! – Can’t be bad can it!?

Each child will be put into their own “Gang” (The Dalton Gang, The Innocents, The Dodge City Gang & So on) and given their very own Bow, a set of Foam Tipped Arrows & Face Mask.

They will then be taken into the Wild West town of Tombstone as one of the Outlaws or Apache Warriors!

We will give them their own Gang name such as Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Wild Bill, The Bandit Queen, The Sundance Kid.

They will then be going into a series of dramatic bow shoot outs on special missions such as:

  • Defending the Lawless Tombstone Mining Camps when they come under attack from the ruthless Apache Indians
  •  Bow Fight at the OK Corral – Recreating the most famous Old West gunfight in a stand-off between “The Earp Brothers & The Cowboys”
  • The Frisco Shoot Out – One gang will be trying to uphold the law and keep “The Cowboys” from breaking out one of their gang from the jailhouse in an exciting soft bow shoot-out!

Working quite like a video game this completely transforms forms them into a Cowboy/girl or Apache Warrior – A Real life one!


What kid doesn’t want to be a Cowboy/Girl?

They will be fully immersed in an epic battle between friends – A Battle they will never forget!

Not only that but we will also be going down “Tin Can Alley” testing each little bow slingers sharp shooting skills on some tin can targets – Wild West Style! A little friendly archery soft competition to see who is the best bow-slinger in town.

What’s more our team will be on hand to capture some of the best action shots & videos for you on the day. We will also have a themed photo shoot of the different gangs at the end with wild west props such as moustaches, cow boy hats, ponchos, apache face wear so you, your child & the group have a special memory to look back on.

This is a battle your child will never forget. A memory that will go down in history!
All our events are run by highly experienced & enthusiastic event co-ordinators who have undergone DBS checks & basic first aid training.
Some packages include party room hire after the event which can include optional extras such as music, food, kitchen facilities, tables chairs & decorations.
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