Archery Outlaws Stag Do

Outrageous. Shocking. Destructive. Barbarous. Ungodly.


And The Party Hasn’t Even Started Yet!


The Most Outrageous Stag Experience in Liverpool!

From the company (Spartacus Bubble Soccer) who host events about wreaking havoc, inducing adrenaline & causing mayhem comes a game that’s still all about doing all those things except this time the Zorbs have been replaced by Bow and Arrows…



Saddle up and hitch a ride to Wild West were you’ll either don a shining star of the law man or the bandana of the desperado.

Put on your crocodile Dundee hat and you’ll be taken into the Wild West with games that use actual historical events to drive our parties….

We will split the party into “Gangs” with names such as “The Wild Bunch Gang”, “The Innocents” & “The Dodge City Gang”. We will then give each gang a mission to complete during each Archery Outlaw game.

Which you’ll spend most of your time ignoring while you fire foam tipped arrows at each other’s heads & try to take out the opposition gangs targets.

This is a game were period accuracy is conveniently set aside with Guns being replaced by Bow & Arrows!
But hey at least it has the most important feature that can be in a Wild West game – shooting at people’s heads! (With non-lethal foam tipped arrows, of course!)


Get lost in the Archery Outlaws world – with bandits, bounties & sharp shooters!

Be Good, Bad or Ugly… A place were you can be an upstanding citizen bringing justice to this lawless town. Or you can do actual fun wild west stuff like – taking out rival gangs with head shots, getting into drunken bow & arrow shoot-outs or putting a bounty on the hen/stag’s head and hunting him/her down an shot like a wild beast.

Drama, turmoil, bold ventures and heroes, you will find them all here at Archery Outlaws. It’s the Hunger Games on steroids!

“There is no law, no restraint in this seething cauldron of vice and depravity.” – Wild Bill

For those of you lucky to get out of the battle alive we will then be going down “Tin Can Alley” for a sharpshooting competition. Put your marksmanship to the test with your gang of Bow-Slingers to see who can grab the “Wild Bill Sharpshooter” prize. A Bottle of Liverpool’s Finest Tarantula Juice! (A bottle of alcohol bought from a Liverpool Off Licence)

What’s more we will be taking action shots & videos throughout your event, along with a photo of each gang at the end (props included), compiling your very own Archery Outlaws Stag/Hen online Photo & Video album.

Some packages include – Drinks & Food offers to some of Liverpool’s finest saloons (Free shots on arrival in some places). We also know a lady who can put you up in one of the finest establishments in Liverpool at a fraction on the price.

So dust down your spurs and drop us a message for more information on packages.



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